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At The Fields we typically go through books of the bible during our Sunday Gatherings. We are now studying the first book in the bible – Genesis.

Genesis is the book telling of the beginning of God’s story, but it is not just a beginning, It contains continual shadows of the Gospel message.

Genesis will help us to understand so many of the teachings of Jesus and even answer many things that we struggle with today. Like God’s involvement in the world, does he have a plan at all or is this a random world of chance? Why did Jesus have to die or was he even necessary to begin with?

And it is ok to see this book as a story, because it is the greatest story. It contains its own story line for the entirety of the book while being a part of the complete story of the bible and containing many sub-stories along the way. It is not just a history, but it is also that.

History is a story written by the finger of God. – C. S. Lewis

The book of Genesis gives us essential and important pieces to the story of God and the history of humanity. That is one reason why many of us are so excited to get into this book. Lie all good writing, we are going to see the Orientation of all mankind, we come face to face with the Complication that still confronts us now, we see the rising tension up and down throughout history.

In a number of different people lives, different people with different backgrounds, situations and personalities. We see things come to a conclusion over and even numerous times and we see God provide a Resolution each and every time. All the while pointing to the one and final Resolution for the Sin problem and that being Jesus.

All of this are the building blocks for God’s story and how we fit in to this story.

Hope you can join us on Sunday evenings and in our Community Groups for this epic adventure into Genesis.



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