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As a church family we encourage each other to give joyfully of our first fruits. We do not encourage people to give out of compulsions or guilt but out of loving obedience to Christ. God does not want your money, He wants your heart.

If you do not call The Fields your church home, do not feel obligated to give as we would like to honor you as our guest.

But if you’d like to contribute financially to what God is doing at The Fields, there is an offering box located on the book table during our gathering of a Sunday. Alternatively, below are our banking details for direct deposits. Thank you.

The Fields Church

Acc:        453576723
BSB:       012739


While we contribute to what God is doing through financial giving we also see the giving of time as an important aspect of our worship too. You can give of your time to do just about anything from mowing lawns to cooking meals and plenty of things around our Sunday gathering but not limited there. The gifts and skills God has given you along with your time are extremely valuable and greatly appreciated at The Fields.


Maybe you don’t have a lot of time in this season of your life or you already are sacrificially giving but you feel you can do more. God gives us many things in our lives that can be generously passed on to others. We are always on the look out for the needs of others and how often God has blessed us with “stuff” that can fill that need. It could be as simple as clothes, furniture or helping some newly weds with ‘stuff’ for their home. Or maybe you are able to provide temporary accommodation or of the vacation type for those in need. We are always on the look out to help with these needs.

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15-17 Kirkham Rd, Bowral NSW 2576

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